Take 104: I keep looking

This is the view outside the one window in my crowded office. I’ve been able to watch the top of the tree turning red and slowly spreading downward. I look at the tree several times a day, so long as somebody (who shall remain nameless) isn’t blocking my view. Eventually the leaves will fall off and I wonder if it will be worth looking out the window at all.

Updated: November 12, 2010.
I wanted to add in this photo of a different view through the same window. This was taken on an iPhone, my first time using the camera on an iPhone. It almost makes me want to get one just for the quick, and good quality photos it can take. But then I remember that I have big thumbs and can’t type on a touch screen. Oh, and I have no money. Stupid big thumbs and no money…



  1. Someone

    I’ll block your face.

  2. i love this! love the vintage feel of the window. or is it just dirty?

  3. Gorgeous shot! I love the DOF that is so awesome how you composed that shot. LOVE IT!

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